And the story begins…


Every year, I look forward to New Years Eve. Being somebody that always like to try new exciting things, I ask for new experiences and changes. As many say, be careful what you wish for… I just got exactly what I wanted.

Most would say its pretty awesome getting what you want. Well, it depends. When you wish for changes, they could be good or bad. In my case, my life turned 180°. See, I had a perfect life. A great husband, a career, a home, two loving dogs. What else could I ask for? A better job? Bigger home? Sure! That were the changes I was hoping for.

In July, my husband had the oportunnity to start his own company. I was so proud of him! Of course, we were going to be in this together, my wish came true! In couple years I could retire from my job and help him run the business. Working with my husband? What else could I ask for! Spending more time together was all I always wanted.

He started his new career and it seemed to be alright. I started making new plans, setting up new goals and suddenly everything changed.  It turns out my “perfect” life was not working out for him. He dropped the “I don’t love you anymore” line and I found myself about-to-be single at 32.

I got through all the divorce process thanks to my great friends and family. Also I experienced the “dating” scene in a way I would never imagine.

This blog will include an abbreviated version of my stories and my perception in dating.

I must advise I’m not a trained psychologist and what I say of them is solely my opinion, not a diagnosis, even if it’s pretty accurate.

All names would be changed for privacy.

Except for mine. 






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