Dating, as I see it.

First, let me tell you, I don’t date. I meet a person, start getting to know them and then decide if we are going to be friends or move to the next step. 

Being Hispanic, I was very confused when my friends explained to me the dating concept. I was surprised to know that it was OK to “date” different guys at the same time. Or just decide from the 1st “date” that there was not going to be a 2nd one. What kind of sheltered conservative life was I living?

I see dating as a grey area. And I don’t do grey areas, generally. I’m extreme. You are in or out. But since my life totally changed, I decided to give it a try. Plus, I really never dated anyone before I got married. 

You can say I lived my 20s being 32. I have always been told I have a young soul… and it’s true. 

Let’s the dating begin!

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