P is for… Pornstar!?

After my date with The Pharmacist , I rapidly called Mr. P. I had been talking to him the most. I felt I really like his personality. I told him about what happened. He seemed to be mad about the situation but glad I did not agree to what would had probably end up on a sleep over (maybe on the backseat). He suggested I’ll come over his home (he didn’t live alone) and hang out at the porch and talk about it. In my mind, that was the invite I would get from any friend who want to hear me out. 

Later on I realized this dude was trying to take advantage of my disappointment on the dating world and tried to make himself look better than the previous guy. Little did he know that I would start analyzing every single detail about him. My analysis is not just judging his actions but how will affect me if we ever have a relationship. I take in consideration where people stand in life. I look to relate to people that have their life together. People that find solutions instead of being a victim of the circumstances. I believe that no matter what happens to you, you have the power to change it around into something positive. Because I have such high standards, unfortunately most people do not pass my screening process. 

I get to his home, or I should say, his parents home. They live in an RV. I know they are from the Midwest and making this connection, I assume his parents retired in Arizona. Pretty common. Later I find out his sister, whose older than him, lives there too. To me, being 28 and living with your parents is not acceptable. They raised you, spent all this money and time to mold you to function on your own, give them a break! Move out! Even if you have roommates! 

I said hello to him. He is this 6’+ guy, I’m a short girl, he gives me a super tight hug that almost leaves me breathless. He then compliments me on how “cute” I am and we sat down to talk. While we are talking, his parents are having an argument about me coming over (Very bad sign) and go out to meet me. I awkwardly talked to them. Then he tells me to don’t pay attention to them. Erm, excuse me! They are your parents!

We continue talking and some how I agreed to sit on his lap. Why? I wish I know. He starts whispering in my ear things that he would love to do to me. I couldn’t belive what I was listening to. Initially I laughed. I was so nervous and that’s what I do when I’m nervous. He probably thought I liked that kind of sexual talk. That was not the right time, and quite honestly, I knew I was never, ever get to that point with him.

Then he grabs my hair and pulls it. I gasped and he follows the conversation by telling me he used to be a porn star and knows how to please women. I have never felt more uncomfortable. For my luck, a text message came through. I stood up, looked at my phone and I told him I had to make a phone call. I pretended to be an emergency and got the hell out of there. 

Five minutes later he called. I forgot my headband and he wanted to see me the next day and hand it to me. I politely said call me if you are around my area. In reality, I didn’t not want to see him. 

He called the next day when I was having lunch at IHOP. He said he was still at work and I didn’t think any of it. We kept talking. I got to my car to start driving home. I spotted a vehicle that looks similar to his. I purposely drove by it to see who was inside. It turns out it was Mr. P. Seriously?

I asked him if I just drove by him… to which he lied and said no. I panicked. First, it was super creepy. Second, why lie? Third, just why would he decide it’s OK to show up to a place I am? Stalker much? He asked me what were my plans for the day to which I lied and said I was hanging out with the girls when I really didn’t have anything going on. I drove home, taking 20 million little streets and looping around to make sure he wasn’t following me. Yes, I got paranoid. 



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