The Pharmacist 

After I got matched with several guys, I finally decided to start talking to few of them. After all the introductions, I stayed in touch with 2 different guys for several days. 

It was hard for me to agree and meet any of them. I was scared and not ready to meet new people. This might come as a surprise to those who know me well. I am not scared of anything, well, just nasty insects (don’t get any Ideas), but the end of my “happy” marriage left me more vulnerable than usual. I finally agreed to meet this handsome Pharmacist.

We were meeting at sunset, in at my favorite place, Civic Center Mall. No, it’s not a shopping center (I initially thought it was), it’s is a beautiful plaza that is home to the City Hall, the Museum of Contemporary Arts, Scottsdale Performing Arts and the Library and several fountains and sculptures. Being passionate about arts, my idea was to show him one of the things I love and see if we connected in that level.

On my way there, I was super nervous. Ironically, the other guy I’ve been talking to, Mr. P* (next post will explain) calmed me down. 

I parked my car and called the Pharmacist to let him know I was there. We had a great conversation and exchanged lots of fun facts about ourselves. We even tried to find the meanings of the art displayed. Then we sat down to talk some more. All the sudden we started making out and I get invited to his car. What!?

My face was probably worth a million dollars when I heard that. I am not sure how old he thought I was, but I’m not stupid. First of all, I just met him. Second, I know how things go down in a car. Third, who does he think he is? The fact that he was very attractive does not mean every girl wants or will sleep with him. Well, at least not me. Needless to say, I politely declined his offer and went on my way. Alone.

While on my way home I started thinking about dating. Is this how people date nowdays? If it is, it sucks! I expect somebody to get to know me before we take the next step. I rapidly learned, thanks to this apps, those days are over. Was I ready to adapt? Time will only tell.

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