The day I changed it all!

Dating sucks! Let me tell you. Everybody I met hid behind a mask. Being myself really didn’t work as well as I expected. I obviously was brand new at this and I absolutely suck at it. I needed to change something!

First, I asked myself what type of relationship I wanted. It was unclear to me what exactly I was looking for, but I knew I was not emotionally stable to start a new relationship. I just wanted to meet people and be friends. But clearly that was not what other people were hoping to get from me. I had to start filtering through all the messages I got. 

The first thing that came to mind was to change my profile info. I know if I wrote down how I really was I was going to deter people from sending a message. I decided to rewrite it again. 

Unfortunately that profile is closed and I wish I would had save exactly what it said but it was something like this:

I am not your typical girl. I do not believe in fairy tales. I am blunt and honestly not too easy to handle.  

My sentences start with I because I am narcissistic, vain and conceited… 

Anyways, I’m cooler than you…

I thought my sarcastic approach would act as my first line of defense. While the number of messages received decreased dramatically, I still got quite a few matches. Most of them did not believe what they read and were curious to find out if it was true. 

My plan worked! But of course there are more stories to tell.

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