My unicorn

Unicorns are rare mythical creatures. I’ve found mine… or did he find me? Either way, it was and has been horrible timing. Or maybe the fact that either of us knows what they want?

As he says, the stars never align. There must be a reason why. This time, I am patiently waiting. And this is very unusual of me. Needless to say, if it ever happens, it’s worth the wait.

I am grateful he is in my life. Nobody understands me like he does. For some reason, he is the only one that is able to make me come back to my senses. He is the exception to my rules.

It is strange, but everything started backwards. Somehow, it never felt wrong. I even get to open up to him. It is so easy! I don’t quite understand how everything happen, but it doesn’t matter because all I care about is I got to meet him.

Even when he doesn’t think so, I know the way he thinks. Sometimes I feel he underestimates how much I know him. I can almost predict what he is going to do after certain situations. Believe it or not we are alike in some ways. We just react differently.

We know if we wanted to be together, we will make it happen. We just have to figure logistics first. To be honest, I don’t know what we need to figure out. On my part, I’ve known since I met him, he would be the guy I would start a family with.

I wish we stop pulling apart when it becomes a little bit real.

Meanwhile, we will keep living vicariously through each other’s eyes. Living life as we know it. Not waiting on each other. I’ll continue my search for “the one”. I’ll experience different things of life that I’ve never been exposed before. He’ll do the same. Until the stars align… Hopefully, it won’t be too late.

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