A New Year! Just me…

While everybody is working on new years resolutions, mine is to DO ME. In 2017, I experienced tons of things. As one of my slogan “Try anything once” I could say some of these things I won’t like to experience again.

I met too many people this year! Some were just passing by, others stayed. There were very few constants in my life. So far I’ve decided that this year:

  • I’m going to be selfish and just do what makes me happy. (Doesn’t apply to my Jae Squad)
  • If people doesn’t have time for me, I won’t make time for them.
  • Won’t let anybody pretend to be the victim when they are at fault.
  • Cut off toxic people.
  • Travel more.
  • Stop having high expectations and getting disappointed.
  • Realize that most people don’t care enough to know me to the detailed level I know them.
  • Stop expecting people to make up their mind. They only will if it’s convenient for them.
  • Don’t fall for bullsh*t conversations. Actions speak louder than words.

2018, I’m ready for you!

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