To my unicorn…

I don’t think I have made clear how much I suck at saying how I feel. Somehow with you it feels so natural! I don’t have to think what I am going to tell you or worry about your reaction.

But reality is, I express myself better in writing.

Ever since I remember, I kept a journal. Not only did I write, I loved reading it too!

Maybe it was all part of my developmental stage of narcissism, but I would like to say that remembering important details has always been a thing. As I grew older, I’ve realized I wrote happy memories because I could just read them and keep them fresh in my mind. I was too young to understand how important this was for me.

Nowdays, social media allows me to capture and share this memories with the world. I know you might not understand because you are not exactly active online, but memories are meant to be shared. As I jokingly say, I like to document my aging process by posting a million selfies. Well, maybe not a million, but the point is that I hope someday all my media presence would still be available to show other what I did in my younger days. Luckily my friends think the same and document things. Like the day we met.

Unfortunately, that is the only vivid memory I have from you… We look so cute!

My question to you is… do you have memories in General? Do you care about creating them even?

I know how awesome is remembering good things. Do you?

If I go deeper, what do you think life is about? What stories will you tell? What would you take with you when you die?

You made me think of this the other night…

Are you Happy? Or just pretending to be?

Sometimes I don’t know with you. You don’t even know. You can’t decide what you want in life. You have not found yourself yet. And I don’t think you have any intent at this time.

I still love you. A lot. But I wish you find what makes you happy.

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