Puerto Rico, my love

Sitting at V bar at the airport, having my favorite Grey Goose-cran, I feel inspired. It’s maybe because I’m leaving my family and island behind, AGAIN. Luckily this time, I do have a set date of return. This makes me less sad, I guess.

This trip was very different. It’s my first time coming after the devastating Hurricane Maria. I didn’t know what to expect. I have to accept that the island was in a way better shape that I imagine.

I don’t know if my expectation was low, but I saw everything prettier, greener. I live in the mountains, and it was a gorgeous drive home. Don’t get me wrong, there was tons of debris along my route, but overall it was more beautiful that I remember.

As I traveled, I also saw a more patient, calmer crowd. It was a surprise because I am one of the most impatient human beings alive. But I tried… and it worked.

But the sad stories I’ve heard… I guess I stopped people telling them to me because I always want stay in my perfect little world. Maybe it is because all the “struggles” I’ve had, I keep to myself. Or maybe I just want to stay naïve to real problems and just focus on my 1st world problems like, going to the nail salon on time because my nails are about to break. Either way, my people’s spirit stay positive.

Everywhere I looked, there were positive quotes about Puerto Rico’s recovery. Words like “Faith” were used. “Raised up” is another phrase used, or #prselevanta as a tag on social media.

I know some of my close friends and family lost everything and I would never know how it feels to go home and find out it’s destroyed. More than material losses, you have memories. I recently saw a post of a dear friend finding her wedding guest book almost intact under the debris. I’m sure this meant a lot… On the other hand, good things are coming for her.

After all, things seem to be running sort of normal. There are lots of people without services, but there’s a lot of work been done. I see some progress. Maybe it’s easy for me to say this because I don’t know how it is to be without power or water for a long time… but slowly everything will be as it was before. Or even better.

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