The guy that loves me.

While not being able to sleep, I browse through my Facebook just to find something unexpected.

During my long ass journey as a single woman, I have met all types of men. There is always good and bad about them. I’m picky now. The guy I married for love, while he was a decent human being, was never good enough for me… and that’s why I’m divorced.

In my search for the perfect-for-me mate, I’ve come across the sweetest guys. Specifically this guy I am about to write tell on. He reminds me of what I liked as a teenager. It’s pretty cool to re-live those days but the bad thing about it is that it brings memories from my ex and the things we had in common. To this day, I still think our strongest bond was our friendship.

This guy is cute, funny and a true gentleman. We’ve known each other for a while and gone in several dates. I haven’t seen him in months. He can’t understand my job and always complain I’m busy.

I like spending time with him, but in the long run, we know it won’t work out. He is always complimenting me and saying how much he loves me and want to be my man. It’s so cute!

Except, it’s me who he says that to, the pickiest, most high maintenance girl he has ever met (his own words). Since we know it won’t work out, I chose to stay away. I’m not ignoring him, but trying to keep a distance. I’m the coolest, or meanest, depends on what side you see.

But today, as I was looking at my Facebook, I see him tagged on a pic. On my curiosity, I proceed to look at the lady that tagged him. It looks like they are in some sort of relationship.

I get mad. But why am I so mad?

Am I that selfish?


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