Unfuck yourself!

Let me start with giving my fasian friend credit for this one. She comes up with the craziest comments that ignite my imagination and make me write.

This entry is dedicated to somebody I’ve known for a long time. He knows my history. We were coworkers and then we started being sorta friends. He would text me once in a while to see how things were going.

I remember one time, I was about to meet some friends and he invited me out of the blue to join him at a bar. Since I hadn’t seen him in a while, I agree. We had a great conversation but I could tell he was flirting with me. I tried to avoid it because I’m not interested on him. Period. He got a bit too drunk for my taste and put his hand on my thigh right after trying to ask me for a ride home. I laughed nervously, removed his hand, advised him to call an uber and left.

Couple of weeks passed and he texted as normal. I never spoke about this again with anybody. Until yesterday.

I texted him to see if he made it to an event. He responded by saying he didn’t and proceeded to tell me he was day drinking. Fun! Drinking. At noon. On a Tuesday… I am a party girl, but that’s kind of hardcore… I’ve done it, on vacation! Oh well.

We kept talking and he started hitting on me. Seriously?

He is an older gentleman. I’m unclear whether he is single, separated or married. Plus we always fight. I used to be his boss. We had a horrible fight and were mad for months. To this day, if this conversation arises, we still argue. It was a huge deal…

Back to the fact that he offered to “drink me under the table” (wtf?) or give me a lapdance to hip hop, my reply was “what makes you think I will let you?”. I admire his confidence but, no thanks. We used to work together and I never found myself attracted to him.

I told my friend about this conversation. She freaked the hell out and continued to tell me to tell him: Unfuck yourself.

Say what?

Since she knows me, my answer to him would had been: Go fuck yourself. She could not fathom the fact that he was hitting on me. And for some reason she thought I was going to fall for it. Really fasian, really? Like you don’t know me yet! Plus what is attractive about a man that I had yelled at and almost made cry? NOTHING! She has a point. Why would he even think I’ll do anything with him? Like I said, props for his confidence but, No Thanks!

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