Red Moon

Full moons are beautiful. I love seeing them. They are splendid and some of them have hues, or a bigger shape. I remember driving back from California I was pleasantly surprised by huge golden full moon. It was majestic!

With all the beauty, comes changes. Nature goes through them, quietly. On the other hand, it affects people greatly. I went on couple dates with a guy that accepted his sensitivity to the moon phases. He would get migraines. I never thought about this, but yes, full moons affects me too. It is more aggravating dealing with other people, though.

This month we have a red moon. Unfortunately, moodiness started way early for me. I discovered this full moon I am going to be extremely bitchy. I don’t care if I’m hurting people feelings but I’m not going to let anybody talk to me like I owe them something. Those who know me will affirm how stubborn I am. Also they will praise my intelligence and power of reading people and anticipating their behavior. If you knew me, you will also know how I react to being pushed or to somebody threatening and trying to intimidate me. My confidence level surpasses anybody else’s and some more. Plus I’m a genius at analyzing possible outcomes and having plan A,B,C and D. I am better at everything the typical girl is, that’s a fact.

Apparently I make a couple of ranting a year on my blog… Here is one.

I am not going to filter my language below, so if you are sensitive, STOP reading now.

This one is dedicated to somebody that I loved once. At some point I appreciated the way everything ended. Until the past couple weeks. I never knew this was coming because he was the one I had a different impression of, but not anymore. Now I can say he is a huge disappointment. HUGE! I’ve come to realize, my whole life I was used by this motherfocker for convenience. He married me just because he thought he was going to have an easy life. He was right! He did have the easiest life EVER! Because his stupid wife (aka ME) will take care of virtually everything that required some type of figuring out.

Let’s start by the fact that after we moved to Missouri I supported him for couple months while his pussy-ass self complained about him not speaking English at all. Maybe he should invest this time actually learning English. When he finally started working (on a job I did the interview for) he had only to put up his 40 hours and leave, while I was in school. And doing research. And working a part time job. I’ve always have many sources of income, because I’m smart and know that money is always there, I just have to get it.

My frustration came when he thinks than after 1.5 yrs of being legally divorced, he tried to tell me I have an amount of time to get something done for him. No, mofo, NO! How dare you attempt to give me a deadline? You left without fixing anything to be living rent free with some bitch. Of course it was convenient for you to find another stupid girl to co depend on. Good luck to you, girl! Actually, you will do fine. You are made out of the same un classy, ignorant material.

Now I understand why everybody was surprised I was married to you. I was way too much for you. I am everything you are not! I managed you easily because I had you grabbed by the balls! You depended too much on me! Was it love or was it because I could easily manipulate you to do whatever I wanted? Maybe I settled for someone stable and willing to have a family even though I knew it would end eventually. I know it’s weird to say now, but we should have never gotten married. NEVER! I’ll accept we had plenty of good times, but not they way I would wanted to be. My life wasn’t necessarily exciting. It was predictable and a little boring. You were not able to plan absolutely anything! You were just a good provider. We split up Bill’s etc. That’s it!

When we moved to Arizona, which by the way, I should had divorced his ass in Missouri, my life changed. I saw myself having the life I loved and deserved. He had no problem with me living this life, which he was a part of! We got a condo, cars, atvs… We will travel, go shooting, what else could he ask for?

Fast forward to divorcing him and him moving to Puerto Rico with this girl, now I got a luxurious lifestyle? Go fuck yourself! You sure didn’t complain when you had it too, right? At least I can say somebody still looks at the things I do. I got groupies. Maybe they will read this blog? Since it’s mine, and I can write what I want to, let me tell you Fuck you! You and your stupid girlfriend. Also go fuck your other stupid friends. All four of you are the same kind.

Before I write what I really think of these Fantastic 4, I am going to bitchslap myself.

Why in the fuck I stayed married so long? I knew he was not ambitious but willing to let me do all the dirty work. I was the ambitious one and he never added anything to my life, just income. I should of left him when I met the love of my life… but let him go because I kept my promise to marry him. I decided to change careers to have financial stability. Also I tried different fields, because the truth is, I love to live life the best I can. I cannot settle for just having an apartment or a car. I want to have the apartment I want or the car I want. I want to buy the clothes I want to wear, not just something I can afford. I work hard to play hard. Unfortunately, I rolled somebody into that life who didn’t really appreciate hard work. I can say in my married life, I possibly spend 75% time working. I always had more than one job. Always! Specially since I’ve been in Arizona. I was NEVER supported by you asshole! NEVER!

I don’t know where your bitch got that from. I guess now since you live in her house, where you don’t pay rent, and she only works part time it is for you to support her and her kids. Bravo. You are back to the minimalistic way of living we are taught when growing up. I wonder if you still freak out when you are “low on money” but never get your ass to get it?

Now let’s do some fucking math here. Don’t worry, I’ll simplify it to your level, I’m not that mean. I’ve worked with people with lower retention and was married to you, who by the way, could have never challenged me intellectually.

Your main expenses equal 0. Mine, well you know, YOU LEFT ME WITH ALL OF THEM! You ran away back home. Long time has passed, you don’t know what I had to do in order to adjust my finances, so SHUT THE FUCK UP. How dare you say you have to look out for your future? What the fuck. FUTURE was not in your dictionary. Saving for retirement or for anything wasn’t in your mentality. I’ve known you for fucking 15 or more years and I was the one that always wanted to do things right, like filing taxes. I put recurring transfers to your savings account, I made you get a 401k. Now you are thinking about your future? Or you bitch is looking out for her kids future? I am telling you right now, it’s not going to be at my expense. I’ve worked hard to be where I’m at and I’m not going to let NOBODY try to knocked me down. Like you don’t know that, fucker. How dare you try to threaten me? Like I’m scared of you? BRING IT ON BITCH.

By the way, if you got to your lover on Dec 3rd, where were you since I told you to leave in November? Or why did I get a call from your bitch in Yauco in January saying that she won because you are still calling her? She was very surprised to know I divorced your face and you have been living in PR. I also learned you were hitting on a lot of people I knew while we were married. You think you got game, player? I wonder how many girls are you trying to play now. I bet your bitch thinks she is everything for you. Ha!

Anyways, let me tell you I’ve lost ALL respect for you, Anthony. NOTHING IS LEFT. You are trying to antagonize the wrong woman. You should know this. You should also know I’m way smarter than all your 4 minds combined. I’ll go as far as affirming you can have a focus group with all both families, and I’ll still outsmart you. I’m educated and I read. Fortunately because of my proactive approach I already have all the answers I need and I’ve had them long ago.

As for Alexandra, STOP SENDING ME MESSAGES UNDER ANTHONY’S PROFILE. I know it’s you! I spend years with this motherfocker, I know he can’t write for shit! It took you this long to realize his life was thanks to me. If you thought you were going to be traveling and having nice things because he would buy them for you, you were up for a rude awakening. I saw you went to a resort and shit and he took you shopping probably. Well I’m proud to say I took myself shopping during our relationship and I bought whatever the fuck I wanted because I could. But props for you for being a housewife and just buying what your hubby can afford to. If you wanted to have my lifestyle, you should have marry me honey! But unfortunately I’m not into big girls with a super lack of confidence and values. I like super hot men with abs.

To the other two: you are the worst. PERIOD! Nothing to say about a couple that is so negligible that is only a waste of space.

Still, carry on with your “happy life” that I’ll carry on with my “fairytale one”.

Fuck you all.

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