WANTED: Boyfriend

Tagging along my previous post, this moon has an effect on me. I suddenly want a boyfriend. I think is my sisters fault! I see all the lovey dovey messages and makes me aw. Most people that are like that in social media, are not really the same on real life. They are different. They adore each other! I am very happy she finally found someone that values her!

Meanwhile, I’m here having a thing for DLS… which by the way, it’s going nowhere. Actually I’m pretty sure it’s over.

So I decided to give online dating another try.

My friend was having good results with an app that I disregarded last year (when I decided to not do online dating anymore) and I decided to try it. So obviously I had to create a profile and all that. This app links to your profile and location so I started seeing people I know including DLS. I wasn’t really surprised about it because I have seen his phone before and he has dating apps loaded into it. Plus one of the last times we met he had a girl blowing up his phone about having a female over when they were on a chat. It was dramatic. I still pretended I didn’t read them because at the end, I was the one the with him. In all honesty, I talk to people too. I just limit myself to the ones I already know.

I am proud to say I was dating app free for almost a year. That’s probably why my blogs had been no more than me pouring my emotions or anger out. There’s a lot of crazy out there, but stories is what I live for. I like telling them. I love writing them! So here I go again! I predict I will probably get tired soon… as I am kind of over it already and it has been only two days!

I do have to accept attention is nice. I message people and I’m lucky enough to get responses back. I do try to make it interesting by commenting about their profile. I am not generic. Ok, I’ll just say it. I’m just trying to get over DLS…

It’s funny how you realize what you want and what you like by trying something else. That just describes me. I can try something or someone new and then realize who I really like, DLS being that. This is the first time EVER I feel this way. Of course, I don’t understand it. Because everything happens for a reason, I’m sitting here slowly eating my dry rye toast and sipping coffee at 4:07 PM writing this blog when a fitting song comes on.

Music is a huge part of my life. Most of my memories are linked to a particular song. If I wanted to go down memory lane, I could search several songs and either laugh or cry. Maybe I should make the soundtrack of my life in Google play! Project on hold.

Nobody but me by Michael Bublé comes on. I am listening to it surprised by the fact that the song says exactly what I feel. I am pretty much into signs, and I believe God knows I’m not normal and I can’t figure out feelings, so he sends messages like this. Thank you! This is exactly ALL I can’t say! Especially not to him. Oh well. I let it be. It’s not like we had a relationship anyways. I already told him I liked him too much. We never talked about it so it’s time to move on. I will definitely miss the time with him. We did random things and had weird conversations. Will I ever have the same connection that I had with him with someone else? Probably not, but I will try my best to be open to the people I meet and to not compare them to DLS. Bottomline, I will never find someone like him and I’m confident he will never find someone like me.

Now, let’s play again. I mean, try to find a boyfriend.

PS: I had to add that after I published this blog this song came on! Gotta love the signs!

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