Best night EVER

July 28th was a date I’ve been dreading for a long time for reasons stated on my late post, but careful it is very explicit. This year was a normal day but the night turned out kind of special. It was a Saturday so I went to work to later meet some friends out. Typical. We were meeting downtown Chandler. It was new for me since I usually go to Mill, or mostly Scottsdale.

One of the girls told me about this place that had Latin music but I didn’t realized it was in that area until I parked right across from it. I was meeting her and in my attempt to find her I called her and we agreed we must go there. Our guy friends were on their way and we were meeting by one of the breweries. When they arrived I automatically said “Can we go to the Latin place first?”. They agreed.

We go straight to the bar. While discussing drinks, I turned around and there’s DLS. Can I be this lucky if I play Powerball? I approached him to say hi, and he tells me “I didn’t know you come here.” I guess since I am or was a secret, I shouldn’t run into him. He was a bit drunk. My friend and I introduced him to the guys and then he disappeared. I hate surprises like this! Initially I was freaking out and after downing the 1st drink, talking to the guys I got me another and I was back to normal.

It’s funny the original plan was to go to SandBar but my girl complained it was too hot because is mostly outside. So the guys suggested downtown Chandler that had many options that are not outside, but yet we go in a place that has a patio area and stay there. Maybe it is because I also had to run into DLS. Again, my philosophy is, everything happens for a reason. I texted him and invited him over to the table. It was super awkward… He was all over the place… I was confused, but I carried on because I was with amazing company.

I have to accept it was the best night I’ve had in a while. There’s still a bit of me that hates July 28th with a passion. If you didn’t get around to read the post referred at the beginning, it was the day I got married 11 years ago. This is the 2nd year being divorced but it is been hard because I’ve had my ex and his girl annoying me. My thoughts were poured into Red Moon which by far has been the angriest I’ve been in a post. Also every other word is a curse word, and I usually don’t talk like that. I try to be as proper and classy as possible because that’s how I was raised. When writing that entry, I had no filter.

This year I was so glad that even with all the drama, my night was super amazing. I got to spend it with the best people ever. They might not know but they had a huge impact in my life. Thank you for being here. I was able to go out, have a couple drinks, dance, joke, smile, sing, take selfies, be silly and even shop. All the things I love to do. Most importantly, I was able to be myself without anybody saying anything about it. That means a lot. Love you guys!

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