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As the person that has and keeps weird relationships, I am sharing now one than even when it’s a bit twisted, I am willing to continue. A while ago… Let me think for a second… Maybe 2 years? I got added by a dude on Snapchat. That was the time I was going through all the accepting or not the news of being possibly forever alone. He introduced himself and we got to talking.

Usually when you get added to Snapchat by a stranger;

1. they want to see nudes or ask for them or

2. They send them to you.

I was aware of this. I’ve been added by a bunch of guys just wanting to video chat. Most of the time I’m not into that, so I pass. They will eventually delete me. I felt there was something different about this one. I don’t know why, but I was curious to find out.

Our conversations were normal. We found out about each other or mostly I talked about my divorce and ex. It was all cool until I receive a very explicit video of him. I panicked at first but I went with the flow. I asked him where this was taken at… His answer… at work. I was shocked. Dude is masturbating at his office… What the fuck?

My first thought was to say why? But then I realized it was exciting to him. He liked being watched anonymously. I didn’t know what he looked like and he didn’t really know me. I was limited to just looking at his d*ck. I wasn’t sure why I wasn’t bothered by it either… Is this normal?

I remembered him asking me for pictures, to which I refused by telling him I have not seen his face. I’m thinking that the fact that I had never seen him made me curious to keep talking to him and it made it hotter for him. From experience, guys usually stay in the sexual talk when he starts. He was different. He oddly want to know things about me. And because of his behavior I was open to discuss certain topics that I wouldn’t been comfortable asking anybody else.


What is even weirder is that we pretty much talk every single day. Minus those times that he deleted me or created a new Snapchat account! 🤣 Maybe his wife found out? Oh, yeah, he is married. I started I wasn’t exactly comfortable and almost stopped talking to him. Then I realized since is strictly platonic and he never tried to meet up, it was ok.

He knows my crazy stories and sometimes checks out my blog. I can say that even though this is probably the strangest friendship I’ve ever had, I like it. He is straight forward and not afraid of telling I did something stupid, courage that some of my friends don’t have. He also probably one of the few that can keep track of my sleeping and work schedule.

Thank you!

Knowing this details mean a lot. Along to knowing other things that I won’t further disclose because I do appreciate the time he gives to me.

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