a Blah day

Today is one of those days that I don’t know how I feel. I was content. I talked to my sister, my mom, I ran some [pretty expensive] errands and I felt such an adult.

I had plans for dinner with the girls and then karaoke. I was happy. Until I got home.

There is something missing in my life.

From the perspective of a girl that “has everything she wants” I still feel incomplete. I am trying to find out why but I don’t know…

Maybe it is the fact that the life as I knew it is coming to an end soon.

Literally, I am for the first time in a while, changing my life. A lot. And I have to accept I am scared. I know I will be ok, but I still worry about the adjustments I have to make.

I won’t probably chill until next month… Oh! my life.

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