I’m invested and I act stupid

Those are actual comments from my friend on my current dating situation…

This made me think… Why?

Let’s start from the time my friend told me she didn’t understand why I tell people straight up how I feel but DLS makes me act stupid. She is right… I don’t lie to him, I tell him what he wants to know, I trust him… WTF?

I’ve only known him since June and I did trusted him right away. He is some kind of special… I can’t really understand why but I don’t get the need to know what he does every day, but I know if I ask, he will say. Or even text him …

It’s weird because we mostly hang out late night, and he is mostly drunk. Somehow, the mornings are never awkward. It is something about our conversations and the way we talk about each other. Maybe the fact that we don’t define anything… I just enjoy his company and what we do… Is that why I’m invested?

Hard to know but eventually it might end. Maybe he judges me because I answer everything he asks honestly or he might get a bit jealous when he is drunk, but he makes me laugh. He makes me happy. And that’s all it matters to me.

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