Two Years aftermath

My past life is soon to be over.

Finally it’s time to say goodbye to everything that attaches me to my past. It’s very hard to let go, I have to accept. While I think I’m strong, I’m dreading the fact that I sold the house I’ve call home since 2014. So many memories were made here!

I’ll have to move soon… Packing it all and getting the heck out of here, to… who knows where! All I know is, I am literally starting from scratch, again.

I am not stranger to starting over, somewhere else, but I have problems letting go. I get separation anxiety! Yes. I do.

Even when my slogan is “Adapt or Die” it’s easier said than done. The clock is ticking fast…

It sure sucks to still be dealing with these after being divorced for a while. At the end, I know I will feel so much better when it’s done.

I just want to say, recovering from heartache is easy. Not missing that person that used to be there for the longest time, is not that hard either. Knowing that you don’t want them back because you are better off without them was something I realized soon enough.

The fact that I’m packing every possession I own all alone and because of someone else’s decision, it is the hardest thing I’ve yet to do.

It has to happen.

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