Keke, do you love me?

…are we riding?

This is the perfect party song. Contagious melody, a simple dance… Total fun.

I met you under strange circumstances. While out with my girl, she got a text from a guy she knew. He was out in Old Town with his cousin… We decided to meet.

What possibly could have been a “Double date” turned into me being blunt to someone I just met while we both awkwardly stood by the bar of one of my favorite clubs, until I suggested we should all go dance. There I had to freedom to dance all by myself and detach from this guy that wouldn’t talk to me.

Everything happened extremely fast and all I know is: Anything else mattered.

I can’t explain why I stopped caring about my surroundings when I locked my eyes on you. I knew then I could not let you go. So I dragged you to the next club. Strangers passed by and complimented us on how good we looked together. Weird.

As we continued talking, everything flowed. I usually analyze people and know how it will end… Somehow, I don’t see an end right now. I am very surprised. I am also opened to all kind of possibilities. I’ll have to accept I don’t feel myself around you. You make me feel like a better person. This is the first time I feel this way.

I know is probably pathetic I am writing about this instead of telling you, but this is me. I do have to tell you, I’ve improved. Thanks to you. I have told you things NOBODY knows about me. Not because you asked, just because the conversation lead to me opening up about certain topics that I don’t discuss with anybody. You uplift me.

There are questions that have come up several times and I don’t have an answer to because being that researcher that needs concrete results, I don’t understand intangible things such as feelings or emotions. Maybe the fact that it’s hard for me to vocalize them makes me say I don’t understand them. I do know that when I think of you, I see the little things you do and say.

For someone that has the reputation of wanting the trips, parties and things, doesn’t means that I need them. I value things like walks at 2am… with a guided tour of the nearest tunnel and pitchy serenades. Or going impromptu to the whirlpool at 4am, just because. Or the way you say “Hermosa”.

Life had showed me valuable lessons and had made me change. On the other hand, you had brought out the essence in me. I don’t know if I just like you or love you or what this is, but I sure know that knowing of you fulfills my day.

I know we talk/see each other limited amount of time, but somehow I know you are always there for me.

We know there’s always a plan above our control. Let’s see what it is…

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