Merry Christmas

Sitting on a rock at my absolute favorite place in Earth, listening to my favorite music and texting my favorite girl, is almost noon and according to the lyrics currently playing, I won’t have it any other way. Christmas is the day when all wishes come true… right? Since I can’t be where I really want to be Home of course, I’ve decided I just do all the things I enjoy. I am also debating on whether or not I should pour myself some mimosas I got in my car, but it would be wise to follow the rules and not drink in a public park or drive after. I’ll wait on that.

Today I’m trying to have some contact with the people I love and I don’t necessarily tell them I do. It’s bittersweet because most are not close. Video chatting is an amazing thing and fills a bit of the void of not touching or hugging in real life.

I know most people do not understand why I’m emotional these days and I really do not have to explain.

Last night I woke my parents up… crying. I never do this… I lied and said I wanted to go home. Then I told them the truth that I was here in Arizona thanks to what my dad and I talked or did when I was growing up. I want to show him what is it like. How much better it is. I know I broke his heart but I had to tell him… and he remained calm. He explained why he can’t come… and told me stories of when I was growing up. He is the greatest man I know.

Maybe someday my wish will come true.

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