Whiskey and coffee

I’m sitting at a bar, at a local casino. My roommate decided to take me to a staycation, which I truly appreciate. I love hanging out with her, but the best part about it is that I can be by myself. Yes. I’m sitting at the bar, all by myself, while she is playing blackjack. Somehow it feels perfect.

I am drinking, of course. But is funny because I have a coffee cup… with Black Label on it. Nobody knows! I try to keep it cool, while I figure out what to write about. Yes, whiskey brings the best and worst of me. It depends on my mood.

Today, I was stressed out at work so Johnie is doing wonders on keeping my stress level down. Plus somehow they keep playing my favorite songs. Or are they popular and I just think everything revolves around me?

That last statement would be reality… since is all about myself. Is it really?

In the past week I’ve realized I’m way too kind. Yes. I also love people more than they love me. Maybe they don’t deserve it, but I don’t know how to be any other way.

I seriously think my purpose in life is to change people… Maybe I’m bragging too much, but I’m fucking awesome.

Nah, in all seriousness, I have tons of things to offer. And I’m too humble to accept my potential. So far I’ve never met anybody even close to me. Maybe I’m drunk-writing or maybe I deserve to praise myself a little.


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