From the other side of the globe…

Always, music sparks my imagination. I don’t know why… but right now I’m all by myself at Talking Sticks listening to a cover of “Meant to be” by Bebe Rexha and a guy I can’t remember that started playing right after I opened this app to try to write.

I don’t have my whiskey with me but I’ve been thinking about a conversation that happened earlier today. Yes… of course I have to analyze. And tie it to previous ones.

My unicorn is on the other hemisphere. Somehow he seems closer than anyone I have around or been around lately. How is this possible?

We also have the craziest conversations ever! Today he was super drunk and his story… well was the best. A bunch of guys celebrating Mardi Gras in a base in Europe and he got beads. How? Through conventional Mardi Gras costumes. I almost died laughing. Literally. It was hilarious.

Once we got into more serious conversations, I was thinking a lot about what we were saying. One of the topics was why I have never been feisty with him. It made me think… why not? Why can’t he never make me mad? Or why I can’t get mad at him? Maybe it is because he is just freaking perfect. Except for the fact that he doesn’t know what he wants… Or is it the fear of the unknown? Or failing? Only he knows.

What I do know, we belong to each other. We might not be together, but we love each other and we have a connection that nobody can’t take away.

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