May Diaries

This is my May adventure so far… It’s been quite the month and it’s only day 8… It keeps developing!

May 1st: I booked a Day trip to Hawaii.

May 2nd: After working all night, I jumped on a plane to Kona, briefly saw a volcano and had Kona coffee. Boarded a plane to Honolulu, rented a convertible Jeep Wrangler, drove to Waikiki and had a Hawaiian papaya before I spent time with my unicorn.

May 3rd: Rode the Jeep for a bit, turn it in, flew to LAX, then Phoenix. I chatted with my fasian, had Jcubed dinner, packed.

May 4th: Boarded a plane to Puerto Rico, with stops in Dallas and Fort Lauderdale. Rented a car, drove home. Took a nap and went out with my sister and my brother in law. We laugh like we never had, took videos, pictures. It was amazing.

May 5th: My uncle from CT arrived in PR. I stayed home with my mom and niece. My niece and I danced, singed and fooled around for a whole day. I twisted my left ankle. Also I got into a small fight with my sister. How come she has not played Aladdin for my niece? I’m so hurt! We loved those movies!

May 6th: Dr appointment went great except that I need to get more testing done before I actually get the procedure done. Didn’t realized it matter. I went to my aunt house and I almost had a heart attack when she didn’t answer her cellphone. I could hear it ringing. I’m dramatic… I was planning a way to get in her house. All crazy thoughts came to my mind. She is elderly and lives alone. I sat on the car to think. Her neighbor came home and I asked for a key to auntie’s house. We went in… just to discover the art of taking long ass showers runs in the family. I could breathe. We went to eat at Gingambó and I had a drink after all the drastic event while she played in the casino. I took her out early and went to bed. I also discovered she loves Ricardo Montaner and I have to record all his songs for her.

May 7th: I had to return my rental. Since I stayed close to the airport, my mom, dad and uncle were coming to get me. I woke up late… Auntie needed to go to the bank, so I took her after she did my makeup. I returned my rental, met with the family and went to Piñones. I was surprised none of them had been there before… I ate A LOT! We took pictures, it was fun. After, I wanted to go to Old San Juan, but it was raining so we just cruised. It is so beautiful. Uncle needed to check something in Cidra, so we drove that way. I recalled this place that sell Cuajito, a puertorican delicacy, the only way I like it. We stopped. Dad got me what I wanted, cuajito and coconut water. FRESH coconut water! when I saw it I needed whiskey… I discovered right there dad’s dad used to put rum in black coffee… And smoke cigars. Wow. I never met this man but I knew he was one of the finest. A lot makes sense now. I asked for Johnie in my coconut water and my dad gave me a look as i was annoying him already. Hold on dad, it’s just the 1st week.

May 8th: I’m home alone and I’m writing this. Sometimes we underestimate the small things you do for others or others do for you. I know if I write them here I can always go back to them because memory fails. I recorded a song for my aunt (Bésame by Ricardo Montaner). My sister called me to go shopping. I got ready and went with her, mom and my niece. My niece is a trip! she was making fun of me when I was doing my makeup and later with my new sunglasses. Later I went home to eat and my friend and I were playing with the idea on a Non-Profit. We are going to do it! Also, I booked a cruise for June 2020 for my cousin’s Quinceañera.

May 9th: My dad woke me up with coffee and breakfast. I want to stay here forever. My longtime friend Isaac called me and came to visit me in the middle of nowhere. I painted… I liked one of the paintings. The other is not so great. I got bored and opened Tinder… oops.

May 10th: Woke up to breakfast in bed by my dad and to a lot of messages on Tinder. Few were very interesting but got annoyed by the app and its officially deleted. I stayed at home and mostly talked to few people.[I met him]

May 11th: It’s beach time! Driving to Santa Isabel with my sister, her husband and my nephew and niece, my nephew tells me “I’m too classy, just like Gia” I’m surprised. Then he corrected to “Well I should say, Gia is like you.” Gia said. “Yes because I want to be like her!”. My heart melted. But now I need to be a role model. At night, we went to eat at El Cantinflas. We took lots of pictures and crazy boomerangs. Then I had a sleepover with my nephew and nice. I have no idea how we all slept on a twin size bed, but we did! It was fun!

May 12th: Mother’s Day. It was awesome except I have realized I am just like my unicorn. Exactly like him. My best friend and his parents came over, and every one thought he was my boyfriend. LOL.

May 13th: Got some tests done.

May 14th: Got to SJ with parents to get a car. Had a familiar lunch at Kona Grill and started my Puerto Rican coffee tour with a connoisseur. First stop, Café El Buen Vecino. Was great. Basketball game followed.

May 15th: Impromptu run to Condado… 2nd stop at Café Don Juan. Great, but it might just had been the company. Time with my Aunt.

May 16th: Mission accomplished. It hurted like crazy… but I laughed. She loved my attitude. After, some me time at the Contemporary Arts Museum and his favorite coffee shop, Hacienda San Pedro.

May 17th: Marina day with the Fam Bam. Later at night I went put with my sister for the 1st time in FOREVER and it was awesome!

May 18th: Finally got to see Tito Auger! After this day, I’m complete.

May 19th: Breakfast was amazing! Best coffee shop… or maybe was the company? Daddy’s birthday! My friends Issac and Yaria came over and we ended up downtown. I finally got to show them my town! Ran into old friends! So much fun!

May 20th: I got to show him my town. The rest is history…

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