What makes me happy?

For someone that is known [or perceived, I should say] as being high maintenance, with an expensive taste and wanting to live a luxurious lifestyle, the most inexpensive things are what truly make me happy.

Maybe I should write it down since apparently people only see the superficial aspect of my life. I don’t blame them, but sometimes I wish they could read my mind! I know that’s quite impossible, but one can just dream about the day that people know the real me.

I was told today I say I’m complex but complex people are easier to talk to. How can that be possible? Maybe in my complexity I take the time to decipher what people are about. It would make sense since I have the super power of predicting behavior accurately, when it pertain to other people, that is. When is about my life, I suck.

I wish people took time to know what makes me happy, sad, mad or simply the details that mean a lot to me.

Here’s a list of what makes me happy:

:Smiling and brightening others day



:Touching [what a perv 🤣]

:Sitting on a rock

:Rock climbing

:Philosophical talks

:Sunsets in special places

:Looking at the stars in the middle of the desert



:People faces when I compliment them


:When someone cares if I make it home

:Loving others

:Helping without expecting





:Breathing fresh air







:Being the best I can be




I could go on but in reality what makes me happy is to feel loved. Nothing else.

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