I found HIM

Yes… I did. I found the ONE guy I was dreaming of. Under very strange circumstances, well, typical for me but timeline of events gave it a radical twist to my life.

On that time when I was looking for a friend to hang out every time I go to Puerto Rico, I found HIM. Spending time with family is great, but let’s face it, spending time with a guy… it’s special. I’m 34 years old and open to new experiences even if it leads to heartbreaks, so what is the difference? In Arizona, in Seattle, in Dallas … in Puerto Rico? Dating… anywhere and everywhere.

It is quite funny how it happened… I was just searching for a friend. But right now I’ve realized, everything really happens for a reason.

I made a spontaneous trip to Hawaii to check on my so-called unicorn. While I did want to genuinely check on him, within my selfishness, I really wanted to figure out how real our relationship was. It turns out, like an unicorn, it was product of my imagination. It was an illusion created from pieces of reality to make something so beautiful that will never be truth. An illusion created by someone who wanted to keep options available until he was ready to make a decision. Well, I’m not an option. I am not that girl that is going to sit an wait until you grow up and make a decision. Plus, I have to be number 1 on your list of priorities (I kind of understand and I am ok with certain things before me), but for a single guy, yeah, I can’t take less than the number 1 spot.

After working an overnight shift, racing to the airport, flying 7 or 8 hours I got to spend a few hours with him. I knew in what shape I would find him. I also knew what we will do. But I was unsure of what would happen after. And that’s what I wanted to find out.

Things happen for a reason…

It’s funny how much you can discover from others when you let things happen. But what is amazing is the things you can learn about yourself. So I let them happen. Then I analyzed them and made decisions. For some reason, I didn’t take the advice I give out to my friends -Have no expectations because you will always be disappointed-. Ha! Boy did I have high expectations! So I got disappointed BIG TIME! Oh! I forgot to mention, I had 6 hours between landing in Phoenix from Hawaii and boarding a plane home for 3 weeks… and I had to pack.

It took me about a week or so to analyze what I just did. Being at home gave me the clarity to see everything through and I was like… ok I’m bored. Maybe I need to find me a guy to hang out for my “vacation” . As mentioned in May Diaries, I opened Tinder.

While swiping, I stumbled onto someone that really caught my eye. I could not explain it but I was attracted to him and I needed to meet him… so without hesitation, I swiped right. I was so surprised that we were a match! And we started talking. Eventually we moved to WhatsApp and were constantly in touch.

I love the way he expressed himself, how open he was and understanding of the situation and my views in life. Literally I just wanted to have fun and we talked about going out, coffee shops even a concert! As the conversation progressed, we were discovering how much we had in common. In my head, I imagine me having the perfect friend to hang out with! But… something changed along the lines.

First of all, I was so comfortable talking to him! It was so familiar, known. When I saw him at Café El Buen Vecino… I don’t know what happened to me. I was finally able to be myself without being judged. It felt so good! I also started seeing him with different eyes.

There was no way this guy was so perfect! He told me about himself and it’s funny, usually I find out stuff I don’t like about guys… but he was still perfect. How could this be possible? I was amazed by him. His passion talking about what he likes, what he believes in. The fact that I did not have to entertain him, the conversation flowed, the sparkle on his eyes. Yes, I looked at his eyes a lot. They are truly the reflection of his soul. The are beautiful or maybe I was just starting to fall for him…

We sat side by side, so there was the opportunity of timid hugs and what not. By the way, I thought it was the cutest thing ever… He was nervous. I know I didn’t intimidate him. But he was a bit shaky. It was adorable.

Throughout the night, there was little things about him that I suddenly started to love. I couldn’t believe I could start having this feelings right away for someone I literally just met. I thought I was going to be heartbroken, per our agreement on this relationship being only while I was visiting, but I decided to go ahead and not think about that this time. This one time I didn’t care if it ended or not, I was just wanted to enjoy every little second I had with him regardless. I decided to jump right in and see what happened.

Ultimately I was still searching for love, right? So, what’s the worst that could happen? Being broken hearted, again?

I think I’ve mastered the Art of picking up pieces of a broken heart.

So I said to myself “WHAT THE HELL! Let’s do this!”

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