I’m addicted to HIM

Our first date was the longest first date ever! Of course, I realized that when reality shook in and it was hard to leave. Everything was so great that I lost track of time. How could this be possible? It looks like I was a prey of his charm. Now I knew I was in trouble…

What did he do to me?

I was mesmerized by his passion about absolutely anything he talks about; his life, his interests… EVERYTHING! It is really hard to get my attention that way. Almost impossible. Somehow, he managed to slowly drag me in to this remote place in which just the two of us could only exist. There was no space for anyone else… I didn’t know how to react so I just let him guide me to it.

The conversation was dreamy. I don’t know if it was the sweetness on his voice or the way he used diminutives to describe everything… For all I know at this point he got me and could tell me anything and I most likely would follow.

We bonded over our love for coffee, common interests and discovered we are passionate about living the best life we can possibly have. It’s not easy to find someone that -like me- was recently exposed to the advantages of freedom, and want to continue with them. We see life exactly the same way, no judgements, no regrets, just enjoying the moment. Within the openness of our minds, there were countless ways to enjoy that very second… and we decided to enjoy it together.

Since our relationship started with an end, we were up for a spontaneous adventure. Who knew he was going to like what I’m interested in? Or be shameless enough to sing to me without knowing how tough of a critic I could be? By the way, him singing to me may have contributed to the fact that I didn’t want to get away from him. He went straight to my heart. Or maybe it was he smile with his eyes… Or his laugh? His voice? The way he touch my hand? Or hug me? Maybe when we kissed? I don’t know!

What I can say is… I am addicted to him, just like I’m addicted to the bitter taste of a fresh brewed Dark Roast cup of coffee.

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