Prince Charming, is that you?

After our first day together, it seemed like the stars aligned to make our adventure be the best of all. The following day, I happen to be close to his work. Since our communication was never interrupted, he was aware of my whereabouts. It was great of HIM to invite me to check out one of his favorite coffee shops that was relatively close to where I was at. As our message exchange progressed, we realized we were actually headed to the same neighborhood later, so we moved our meeting point. How perfect?

We had a nice, but limited, conversation… It was so hard to let him leave! Of course I’m mature and I realized he had previous plans… Well, I’m not exactly an adult, so I was thinking he should just cancel his plans and stay with me, because I am a brat. He is extremely responsible, my last resort was just to understand.

I had this unknown urge to see him. There was no reasoning behind it, I already missed him. Why did he have so much power over me? I am the player. I master this game. I create the rules. Now I was not in control. Neither was him. It was flowing so naturally that I could not believe it was actually happening. I remember telling him playfully that he could kidnap me. Where did that come from? I am usually a bit shy, but I was so comfortable with him, that I could say anything, without limits. What’s wrong with me?

I felt like I was walking on a cloud every time he talked to me. Never in my life I had been this way. -Me? I’m the tough girl. I don’t do the lovey-dovey thing. Romance? Who does that? – I said to myself. Truth is, I’m really the hopeless romantic. That girl that wants a perfect guy to sweep her off her feet. Apparently, I just found him. I found my Prince Charming, and I was going to enjoy it until it last, 6 days or less later.

I had my trip back to Phoenix booked for the 21st of may. That day I was sure everything was going to come to an end. I would probably be heartbroken again, but I can totally deal with that. What I couldn’t deal with was regretting not being able to spend as much time as I could with this guy.

The following day, he invited me to his favorite coffee shop. Time flied by! I loved it but I hated it at the same time. It was like I had the best time of my life, but then I blinked and it was over. What in the world was happening? The minutes became seconds… and I just wanted more… more of his company. I wanted to enjoy everything I could with him. This might sound a bit crazy, even if I knew that the closer I got to him, the more I was going to be sad, I did not care. For me all the suffering when I leave home would have been worth it. Somehow I knew in someway he would be there forever. Was he really my Prince Charming?

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