Is this how the story ends?

On a flight to California, I miss you.

I remember that Sunday I left a part of me with you. I cried on my drive home.

I couldn’t understand why. Why I was feeling like this. I knew I was getting into something that might be nothing. We only talked for a few days, hung out for less than a week, and here I am, drowning in tears. I knew it will end. I had to go home. That was the inevitable. Why did this had such an impact on me?

All I had to do its play my old game. As my sister says, you’ll only be sad for three days… Well I hope she is right this time, because I definitely do not feel anything like I had before.

This feeling…

Wait! Did I just say FEELING? Do I have feelings now? Am I becoming the human I was trying to suppress? WTF. How can someone change me so much in such a small timeframe?

All I kept thinking about was his face. That face. That broken heart. Why do I do this? Why am I such a player?

He is definitely a nice guy. The nicest I’ve ever met. And those eyes. I loved that sparkle. I’ve never seen anyone look at me like he did, never. I felt I was looking at him the same way too. I am addicted to him!

I got home and everything was fine again. My family was there. It’s all cool. But he is there too. He never left. He is on my mind, on my phone. He keeps talking to me. This was no just for fun. I think he felt it too. I think he knew I was quickly falling for him. Could this be love?

My dad’s birthday was as good as every gathering we have. My friends came over and I told them I found HIM. I found my King Charming… My friends wife told me her friend just got married after meeting a guy on Tinder… What?! Maybe this happened for a reason. Maybe I needed to meet him. But only time will say.

My friends, sister and brother in law went out for drinks and we found my old classmates… That was lovely. But I very much would rather spend the time with HIM. Am I dick cursed now? what’s going on? Whatever it was, I was sure I was going to snap out of it. No. There is no way I’m falling for him.

Monday morning I woke up. Usually I make my conclusions couple days after. I didn’t see a voice message from him. He got me used to a daily good morning message. I know you might think how could I get used to them, if I’ve known him for around a week.

Well, I’m corny and I hopeless romantic. I fantasize about the perfect settings, the fairy tales, the love stories, the happy endings. I’ve never really experienced them, but I always wish I could. I dreamed about that knight in a shining armor to save his damsel in distress and make her world better. I know, it’s stupid but that’s what you dream about when you love spanish literature, operas and musicals. That melodramatic plot that always ends in the everlasting love.

His messages showed he cared. That I was the first thing he thought of in the morning. This day I didn’t find one. I knew he had to be up, he works, it’s Monday! But this day, he didn’t care about me. I didn’t think about it and continued with my demands. My dad made me coffee and breakfast and brought it to bed. I only had 2 more days to be treated like royalty. I was leaving the following day… I shall take advantage of it.

My parents needed to run some errands and I didn’t want to stay home. I also didn’t want to change. I was sad. I didn’t hear from him. I shall have already. Are we done? That was it? So he was really a player… He fooled me!

Wait. No, he didn’t. We had an agreement. Whatever happened, happened. But he was still my boyfriend in Puerto Rico. My boyfriend? What does that mean? I mean, I wanted a boyfriend. But not just one when I go to Puerto Rico. I want something real. I think I fooled myself, once again. I really do believe in love, but I pretend not to.

Suddenly, a message came in. It was HIM. I was so happy! He didn’t forget about me! He said he skipped work because he was tired and also needed to run some errands. I asked what was his plan for the day. He responded “I have no plans after that, why?”. I thought for a second… more like minutes. Then I got brave. I needed to find out if he felt the same way. As I’m typing, my heart rate was racing. I was blushing and curled up in the back seat of my rental car. My mom heard me sight and asked me what was going on. I just said, HIM. She smiled and asked, “You like him, don’t you?” I nodded yes.

So I offered him a personalized one on one tour of my town. I wasn’t sure if he was up for it. I was eager to find out. I was also scared. But he said yes! I couldn’t contain my excitement! I was going to see him again!

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