Did I just ask him out?

Oh My God!

I am going to see him again… YES! I can’t wait to see him! But what am I going to wear? Do I have time to get ready? What is my plan? I mean, I said I was going to show him around, but where am I exactly taking him? Of course, I have to plan logistics now. There is pressure… He took me to many places that I loved. Specially the day before. Can I top that? Ok, this is not a competition, but am I going to do something that he will like or am I going to screw this up.

It seems to me that this is the last chance I might have with HIM. Why am I so confused? What is going on with me? Why do I care so much? I get what I want, always. Why wouldn’t I get him? Whoa! Am I doubting myself right now? No! Never… I am going to get him.

I got home, after spending about 20 mins thinking of my outfit and how I was going to fix my hair, makeup and what not.

Am I trying too hard?

I’m just going to be myself so I throw on a dress. Nothing fancy, just an everyday dress. My makeup… I had to have something on. I was simple.

While I was getting ready I was thinking where should I take him. Coffee was definitely talked about, obvious. But where else? He showed me his favorite spots, the ones he thought I liked. I loved them. Now it’s my turn. I get to show him my town. But what of my town?

After bragging of capacity of orchestrating the perfect plan in lightning speed, this turns out to be the time I suck the most. Yes, I was brave. Now I really have to put my big girl pants on and confront the one and only time I have ever asked a guy out. Not only that, he would have to meet my sister briefly.

Oh Lord! I came home to figure out my life. Not to introduce a guy I met 10 days ago to my family! It was HIM though. Not just a random person. HIM. As I read a bit ago on a post, sometimes the right person takes only days to make you feel things you’ve never felt in years. I can truly attest to that.

Meanwhile, he is taking an hour-and-so ride to my town. I know this, but I don’t know why he agreed to this impromptu road trip. I have to accept, I loved he was as excited about it as I was, even though I really was freaking out. I don’t know why he caused this effect on me, but I really had no idea on what to do. My head was spinning… until the time to go meet him came. I rushed over my sister’s to meet him. She met him. My brother in law met him.

After a 2 minutes conversation, we started the infamous tour. Luckily, sometimes I pull out the fake it until you make it card and pretend I have a plan. And that is exactly what I did. I took him to an overview… which ended once I realized his fear to big dogs (there were several at the place). In my mind, I’ve already failed. The first place I take him, and we have to leave, that’s not setting my no-plan plan for success. Fake it until you make it, right? We will just go straight for coffee. I’m sure that will never fail, and it didn’t. We had the most extraordinary experience at the coffee shop. We spent hours talking and tasting the same grains made in different ways followed by admiring some points of interests in my town.

I am not exactly sure what it was, but I realized there, he was the ONE. Regardless of my attempt to plan something, it turned out great. It wasn’t what we did, it was the company. I have never felt the way I feel when I am with him. He must be the one…

Meanwhile, I am packing up my bags to head back home the following day, and I absolutely hate the fact of separating from the guy I only wanted to have fun with. Also, I was going back from the trip I made to rethink my life, and fix it, and I am more confused than ever. I knew it will be a long drive to the airport and flight back. And a long night before that, with my head about to explode. But this is what I do. Live to the fullest, and deal with things later…

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