JaeMV’s fun facts

  • I’m a self appointed Queen.
  • My Vegas name is Ariel, but I forget it if I’m drunk.
  • I plan everything. Then I replan.
  • I look at all points of views, outcomes and situations. I analyze them after.
  • I met my favorite artist and that’s the only time I’ve been speechless.
  • If I want something, I get it. Then I want something else.
  • I’ve seen a rocket launch live from Kennedy Space Center.
  • I’ve sneaked in artists dressing rooms 😉
  • I have not been to many concerts in my life but I repeat a lot.
  • I love music festivals, especially EDM.
  • I’ve been to the biggest Nightclub in the world, Privilege Ibiza.
  • I met Bella Thorne, casually.
  • I had blue hair and that’s the hair color I had most compliments on.
  • I’ve tried to dance most of the types of music.
  • My dream was to play for the Symphony and be a ballerina.
  • I hate drama, but I’m very dramatic most of the time.
  • I discovered the power of influencing at 15.
  • I’m ambitious.
  • I like nice things and work hard for them.
  • I travel a lot.
  • I’ve looked at the stars in the middle of the desert and still think it’s one of the most awesome things ever.
  • I’m a hopeless romantic. I just don’t show it.
  • Details matter the most to me.
  • I can read a person in very little time.
  • I assume people are not interested if they don’t put effort on planning with me.
  • I don’t get indirect messages. I can’t understand them.
  • I don’t quite understand dating.
  • Feelings get me frustrated, I don’t understand most of them.
  • I had minor acid burns in my arms while in working on a lab project in college.
  • I twisted my ankle at Decadence 2017 while shuffling. I kept dancing until it really bother me.

I’ll keep updating this list…

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