Ché Quotes

“In two weeks we will be together. Even if it’s only for 8 days, it will be the first 8 days of our life together.”

“16 days to see you. A week is 7 days, you add one day for the first week. Then 7 days plus one for the second week. It’s only two 8 days weeks.”

“A ti te doy mi amor y todo lo que mi persona y mi alma te puedan dar.
Tú eres mi AMOR Y también me haces bien a mi Y feliz.Nunca nadie me ha tratado como tú. Eres un sueño. O sea, Yo sé que eres real, pero eres cómo un sueño hecho realidad” [I’ll give you my love and all that my self and my soul can give. You are my LOVE and you also make me very happy. Nobody has treated me like you do. You are a dream. I mean, I know you are real, but you are like a dream come true.]

“La quiero en combo agrandado para llevar… 🤣” [I want you in a supersized combo, to go]

“I don’t care about “reputation”. I care about my territory… ❤”

“It’s not an order, it’s a wish”

“…Y terminamos cómo Romeo y Julieta” […and we ended up like Romeo and Juliet]


“Keep safe. I need you”

“My love is yours”

“We love US”

“No quiero ser una historia más” (I don’t want to be another of your stories)

“Yo quiero ser tu historia conmigo” (I want to be our story)

“Soy encantador” (I’m enchanting)

“I’m the lucky Bastard”

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